Happy Holi Images, Wishes 2024 with Quotes & Messages to Download

Looking to wish someone Happy Holi? Then, you have to come to the best place. Here, we have got a beautiful list of Happy Holi images and wishing pics for 2024. Wish everyone you love in this special occasion and bring smile on their faces.

This year Holi is on 25th March 2024 that is Tuesday. Everyone loves enjoying colour and making others colorful.

Nowadays social media is the closest friend to all. If you can’t call a person then at least for everyone’s happiness just message happy holi. That will make smile the person reading the message. When we wish someone and that person smiles then god gives you blessings. So, make everyone happy this holi 2024.

Happy Holi Images and Wishes

Here is the list of our best Holi 2024 wishing pics and images for you. Hold on the images you love and tap on Download Image to save it to your mobile or PC.

happy holi image wishing 2024

children enjoying happy holi

wish you happy holi wallpaper

About the Festival of Colours: Holi is a festival of Hindus which is celebrated by all communities and everyone enjoy holi festival. As all of you know that holi comes in the month of March every year. Holi is a festival of colours and every religion comes together in this festival. As we all know that holi is a festival of love and colours people forgive their enemies and become friends. When we wish someone a happy holi they feel happy and give us blessings.

There are many stories about holi but one story that we want you to know is of Hiranyakashyap and his sister Holika and son Prahalad. From childhood Prahalad was a big bhakt of Lord Vishnu, he always prays Vishnu and has faith in lord but Hiranyakasyap don’t like all these prayers and he thinks he is the only lord no one can beat him. After many years Prahalad didn’t change his attitude or faith towards lord looking all his devotion towards Vishnu. Hiranyakasyap on the day decided to kill his own son and ordered his soldiers to burn Prahalad. When all arrangements were done Prahalad got into the fire and started praying to lord Vishnu and the fire was no one but his own aunt Holika. That’s how Lord Vishnu saves Prahalad from burning. On this day old people say that divine wons from demon because true lord lovers never die.

So, download and share on social media to wish everyone in friend’s list. Enjoy sharing these Happy Holi wishing pictures with your loved ones.

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